Deadtree Manor becomes Clay Hill Manor

Our N Gauge layout is due to be exhibited on the 28th May, and was in need of a scenic refresh and track ballasting after the track had been completely relaid to improve running. With only 2 weeks and in reality 2 club nights available it was time for some speed modelling and updating of […]

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Bulls Cross
Creating coaches for Bulls Cross

We wanted to be a bit different with Bulls Cross and make our own coaches and there are many ways to do this - common ways are brass or white metal kits, or plastic kits - but these are ready made in some way we decided to go one step further this time and into […]

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Running Day
Model Railway Era's explained

We talk about era's in terms of model railways which are basically the periods in which key types of railway traction and changes occurred as the railways evolved. With our Running Days we theme these during the year to each of the major eras and all of the stock (locomotives, carriages and trucks) matches the […]

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