Model Railway Era's explained

We talk about era's in terms of model railways which are basically the periods in which key types of railway traction and changes occurred as the railways evolved. With our Running Days we theme these during the year to each of the major eras and all of the stock (locomotives, carriages and trucks) matches the era to give visitors an understanding as to what railway traction was like at different points in time and how that traction has also evolved as the railways have become more advanced.

There are 11 era's and these are defined as follows:

EraTime PeriodKnown As
11804 - 1874Pioneering - Victorian
21875 - 1922Pre-Grouping
31923 - 1947The Big Four - (LMS, GWR, LNER and Southern)
41948 - 1956Early British Railways
51957 - 1966Late British Railways - End of steam and the arrival of "green" diesels
61967 - 1971End of British Railways (Blue diesels)
71972 - 1982Renaming to: British Rail and introduction of TOPS and HST/APT
81983 - 1994British Rail Sectorisation
91995 - 2004Initial Privatisation
102005 - 2015The Private Networks
112016 - 2026Present Day

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