Was held on Saturday 23rd September 2023 at Whitewebbs Museum of Transport, Whitewebbs Road, Crews Hill, Enfield. EN2 9HP

Layouts that attended

Thank you to everyone who attended our show in 2023, 19 layouts were on display along with 7 traders.

Layouts AttendedScale/GaugeNotes
1Burnside JunctionNBrand New and Exclusive this year
2ChaseburyOCompletely refreshed and having its first show debut
3Crib LaneG
4Diesel TMDOODiorama
5Farm RiseOO-9Brand New and Exclusive this year
6Ousewell  EM
7Lego CityLEGOLarge lego city scape layout
9Shell HavenOO
10Sleepy RailsODiorama
11Tank YardGn16
12Tigley YardO
13Triang TranscontinentalHO
14Upper BlackburnOO
15Clay Hill Manor (EWRM layout)NCompletely rebuilt
16Brio World (WWM layout)WoodenHands of layout for younger ones
17Bulls Cross (EWRM layout)OFinally finished after 5 years in the making
18Whitebelle (EWRM layout)OOHave a go and get hands on layout
19Whitewebbs Park (EWRM layout)OORefreshed and extensively updated