Next Show: Enfield Whitewebbs Model Railway Show (23rd September 2023)

About - what and why

Aimed to be finished by September 2023 (construction was started in 2018 but was delayed due to Covid-19.)

Bulls Cross is a fictionalized place, somewhere near Enfield where a terminus station was built as part of a branch line from London Liverpool Street (much like Enfield Town station today) that served a population centre and an industrial area. While being built as a dual track line traffic was never particularly heavy and so one line was lifted in the 1930's as part of simplification and it became the end of a single track branch line.

As traffic has declined post-war the station and areas becoming generally rather run down and likely to close in the future. What keeps it operating is the goods traffic that serves the Sary and Gam Storage Company that imports, exports and stores a wide range of goods most of which are still transported by rail.

The railway passes over the New River which transported clean(ish) drinking water into London from the Whitewebbs Pumping Station.

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O Gauge.
730cm x 60cm (24ft x 2 ft) modular layout.
Consisting of 5x scenic baseboards 120x60 plus Fiddle Yard
Requires 2x 13 amp power sockets.
Requires a van for transport.

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Featuring LED lighting, animations, industrial areas, and plenty of little cameos to find. Buildings are scratch built or modified laser cut kits.