About - what and why

This is our main layout - around 20 foot long, permanently installed in the carriage.

It is a large city layout depicting a two track upper level suburban line with station and a separate industrial yard along with a four track lower level bypass lines section featuring heavy freight and express passenger lines. This allows up to 6 trains to be moving at the same time and due to its size can accommodate full length trains running at scale speeds.

Recently refurbished with mostly new scenery, backscenes, lighting, brand new industrial area and much more enhancements.

This layout is operated every Tuesday and Sunday when the museum is open and runs with different themes.


OO Gauge.
610cm x 200cm (20ft x 7ft) PERMENANT LAYOUT
this is not portable and fixed within the carriage.

Featuring LED lighting , working traffic lights and crossings, and plenty of little cameos to find. Buildings are scratch built or modified kits.