About - what and why

Whitebelle is our Come and Have a go layout, where children (and adults) can have fun driving trains on a layout.

The layout was built in 2019 by our youngest member and is designed to show what can be possible at a beginners level and still create a realistic and fun layout to operate.

The layout has 2 oval tracks, station, sidings and a tunnel for the trains to emerge from. Featuring a range of buildings depicting the village of Whitebelle.

The layout is normally setup in our Copelands Room at the Museum for visitors to use whenever they visit, it is also portable and can be taken to other shows, fates, charity events on request.


OO Gauge.
120cm x 120cm Square (4ft x 4ft) operated from the front by the visitors (controllers are speed limited to prevent most derailments).
Splits into two boards 120cm x 60cm (4ft x 2ft) and goes into an estate car for transport.

To book for your show please email: show@ewrm.org.uk