Winner! Operation Shunt It: Family Fortune Award 2022
People’s Choice Award (Best in Show) at Statfold Narrow Gauge Museum Exhibition 2022.

As seen in Railway Express and Modeller Magazine

Next Shows:
- Chelmsford Model Railway Exhibition (20th May)
- Harlow Miniature & Model Fest 2023 (26th August)

About - what and why

Did you know, rainbows are actually made in a factory. It’s not just any factory but the Rainbow Factory set in the countryside. This special secret factory uses a magical formula to make the rainbows that are released into the sky via a clever chimney.

However, the trouble with rainbows and them being a little bit magical is that the formula to make them constantly changes with each batch of rainbows and requires the colours to keep being mixed up in a different order. Sometimes its “Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue” and other times its “Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Purple” and other times it’s a different mixture all together. Causing much chaos within the factory. A solution needed to be found.

The factory workers decided that moving the ingredients about by hand into a different order was really rather tiring so they decided that – like all good people do – a railway was needed, and not just any railway – the Rainbow Railway. This has one engine and seven trucks. Each truck holds a different magical colour for the rainbow which must be shunted together in exactly the right order against a timer to make rainbows (the puzzle). There are 4 sidings used for the shunting puzzle and one hidden siding within the Rainbow Factory where the trucks need to be delivered into and a run-around loop overlaid onto the sidings.


OO Gauge.
120cm x 30cm deep, industrial layout. Operational Space: 150cm x 120cm (5ft x 4ft)
Requires 1x 13 amp power socket.

Fits in a standard estate car for transport, can supply own table.

To book for your show please email:

Featuring interactive LED lighting effects, audience participation, voices, industrial look, and plenty of little cameos to find. Buildings are scratch built or modified laser cut kits.

Comments from previous shows: “Absolutely marvellous”, “Excellent. No other word for it.”, “Very nice”, “Children loved it”,
“Best in the show by far”, “What a brilliant concept”, “So many little details to discover”, “Fantastic shunting puzzle”, “Brilliant”.